Naughty Nerdy

The law has changed and so have we.

A new attribute was added to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010. The ‘profession, trade or occupation’ attribute ensures sex workers cannot be discriminated against because of their work. It now protects sex workers from discrimination in certain areas of public life, including, work, education, goods and services, sporting clubs, and accommodation services. Under the Equal Opportunity Act, duty holders (such as employers, schools, and goods and service providers) have a positive duty to eliminate discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation in these areas, as far as possible.

Without the fear of homelessness, losing jobs, being denied a bank account... with no recourse... for lawful, harmess, sexual activity... Perhaps some of us can come out of the shadows safely to exist as our whole selves in the public sphere. I do not feel safe - yet. The cost of stigma is still too high. We watch this space and ponder possibilities.

xo Naughty Nerdy