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Aeryn Walker is nerdy, hairy & natural fucking in nature. Outdoor camping is best when fucking friends.

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Aeryn Walker enjoying a new gift dildo from a fan! Creamy, happy, hairy pussy, self filmed porn.

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Aussie babe Aeryn Walker gets off with the help of Sam Rosee, Viola Turledove, dildo, hitachi vibrator and licking tongues!

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About Aeryn Walker's Porn on NaughtyNerdy
Geek girl real queer femme lesbian femdom: Aeryn Walker submits to Zahra Stardust

Aeryn Walker’s feminist geek porn & sex work: Real geek girl indie porn! Feminist geek, kink & amateur. Enjoy Aeryn’s blog, porn, escorting & more.

Welcome to, the smut playground of me, Aeryn Walker. I’m the slutty, perverse and proud, geeky porn sweetheart from the land down under. You can view my porn here, or on my clips4sale store.

I love fucking and think sex should be fun, so my porn focuses on my personal fantasies. You’ll find No fake moans, groans and writhing here, only totally unscripted, genuine, and completely uncensored, wet pussy orgasms , hard-core fucking fun, and REAL raw female sexuality!

I’ve been travelling the world and filming my sexual endeavors and exploits with my friends and online idols. Watch me get my rocks off!  Testing out toys, sucking cock, spanking, teasing, and pleasing pussies until they burst, then swallowing every last drop.

I love roleplaying, and dressing up. I love costumes and cosplay. Fetish wear, like Stockings, Fishnets, Corsets , Boots, uniforms and panty play, cat girls. Sooo many sexy cat girls and kitten fetish roleplay!  I do a lot of nude stuff too. Both indoors and outdoors, because there ain’t no party like a no pants party. I find nudity very comfortable, and enjoy my body & nature.

My smut may be amateur, but it’s all good quality. Watch me explore curious and queer side as peeps share me with their partners with me, or let me teach their boyfriends to fuck them like they deserve.

I can talk about my new bdsm exploits and femdom training, sucking cock, tonguing your ass, going down on all my gorgeous girlfriends and swallowing the best load of my life, but it’s much hotter to watch!

Geek Girl Fucking Fun on Film

Whats the difference between geek porn and parody? Real geeks & real fandom instead of fakes in costumes with bad over acting. Don’t waste your time with mainstream mockeries at your expense. Enjoy real geeks celebrating sex, fandom & fun.

While I don’t believe the “fake geek girl” exists, mainstream porn certainly isn’t averse to making terrible quality porn that doesn’t just parody tv shows or comics, but the communities & fans of those things. Being a geek isn’t about merch or getting nude in anime tshirt for profit.

My porn celebrates geekdom & fandom. It’s my friends and I engaging and exploring sexuality as it correlates to geek culture & identity. We may not look like “geek girl” porn stars. We may not wear fake glasses, have braces, or surround ourselves with merch for bragging rights, but the geeks on Naughty Nerdy are for real. It’s not a performance, it’s part of who we are. Being a geek is part of who I am, and I’m proud of it.

Real geeks. Real interests. Real fandom. Real Fun.
Plus a lot of sex & nudity!

Personal, Intimate & Interactive

I shoot many members requests when it comes to costumes and scenes, and love chatting with my fans & friends. More than just straight up smut, if you like cute, sexy and slutty selfies, personal pics, behind the scenes footage, and outtakes (when they aren’t too embarrassing! hehehe 😉 then I’ve got you covered. I’m always open to suggestions!

Uncensored & Explicit

From my fetishes and fantasies to my intimate erotic moments; Watch me explore, engage, party, make love and fuck! Uncensored, explicit and raw, enjoy the action and lots of up-close shots .Beautiful natural breasts, pretty pussy close-ups (from bald to bush!) , clenching toes, licking tongues, wet pussy, and cheeky expressions!

Cosplay, Fantasy & Fetish

Roleplay is one my favorite hobbies, in and out of the bedroom! RP, striptease, seduction and sex, in cosplay & character. Leather, couture corsets, stockings & heels. Costumes from anime, games, comics & series. Street fashion, meek maids, mean Japanese school girls, sweet seifuku, stern clergy, seductive creates of the night, and more.

Real Amatuer, Pro Quality

With a mix of professional photos, amateur shots, selfies and personal pics, there is plenty to enjoy. All the raw, intimate, passionate, and eroticism of real amateur fucking and fun, but without the shitty quality. Filmed on my amazing HD vid cam, webcam, DSLR, or the gopro, all my new content is in full HD to you to enjoy.

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Curious about Ethics in Porn?

Can porn be feminist? How can you be sure that this site isn’t exploiting women? Ask Aeryn!

NaughtyNerdy is run, owned and controlled by me, Aeryn Walker herself.
All my porn is filmed ethically, featuring myself and my friends having real, intimate, consensual sex. There is no exploitation, no pimps, no pressure. Just real feminist fucking & fun as your favorite Australian geek girl films her sexual exploration.
Aeryn Walker’s porn on is women / female pleasure focused, and is filmed by women (often Aeryn herself). There are no passive feminine sex pots here. Aeryn answers questions about feminism& porn on her blog. Ask questions, read answers, or just enjoy Aeryn’s Smut.

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About Aeryn Walker aka Naughty Nerdy

I am perverse and proud. Your webmistress at Naughty Nerdy. I’m your friendly Aussie ethical slut, escort, feminist pornographer & geek. I’ve been working locally and internationally online making & talking about porn & sex for over 6 years. It started out as a pervy erotic hobby, modeling for others, until I decided to start filming myself and my adventures. It’s still my favorite hobby (besides watching scifi), and I’m super grateful to my supports who make filming my smut possible! It’s a tough gig but I love it. I love having a space to talk about sex, porn & geekdom, and to create & enjoy it publicly.

I embrace the philosophy that all bodies & people are beautiful, and that sex, intimacy, compassion & fun aren’t sins to be ashamed of. Sexuality, exploration & connection should be celebrated. I don’t know everything there is about sex or myself, but I have enjoyed finding out thus far!

When it comes to geekness, my interests are many and varied. I love coding and self learning. I enjoy fantasy & scifi literature. I like studying languages. My favorite medium is television series. I love dystopian scenarios and moral tales. Battlestar Galactica re-imagined is one of my favorites. I enjoy board gaming, and solo pc role playing games. I like anime.

Like Videodrome’s Professor Brian O’Blivion the monologue is my mode of discourse, hence blogging and having this website. While public socializing, doing interviews, and being loud on social media is required for business, I’m a rather introverted & private person. I prefer intimate spaces, small social engagements, and controlled environments. It makes porn & blogging online perfect for me, as I can control what and how I want to express. I’ve never felt pressured into porn. I take myself out of my introvert comfort zone to help make sure everyone can enjoy the same rights & privileges as I have when it comes to not just porn, but sex, sex work, sexuality, expression, love & life in general.

Physically I’m all natural, and was blessed with an abundance of curves and grins. I have some mental health issues that seem pretty common in geek circles (anxiety, depression), but they don’t define me. I’m the happiest pessimist you might ever meet! I believe in self and body positivity, and in shunning the damaging societal views and pigeonholing of peoples bodies & sexuality. I reject societies blatant attempts to destroy peoples self esteem to sell them solutions to problems that they’ve create for profit off peoples misery. Fuck that! When it comes to bodies, beauty, self  & sex there is no such thing as ‘normal’, ‘right’ or ‘perfect’.

I spend most of my days working on erotic projects, doing artsy wanky stuff, enjoying tv series, gardening and hanging out with awesome people. I get to make porn with a lot of them, and I hope that you enjoy it!

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Aeryn Walker's Blog - Naughty Nerdy

Aeryn’s Sex & Self Exploration

Get to know Aeryn. In my blog I talk about my life, politics, sex, exploration, kink, queerness, philosohy, games & more. Come read, chat, engage & explore with me.
Aeryn's Blog
Ask Aeryn

Got a question for Aeryn? Perhaps you are interested in the lives & loves of sex workers. Maybe you have questions about porn, dating, fashion… Ask Away. While I don’t tolerate derailing of topics or trolling, I’m happy to talk to you & answer honest questions. Some Previous Ask Aeryn Questions:

Social Media
Aeryn Walker Escort
Intimate & Personal GFE

I’m not a passive, distant sex doll. I’m a real person with interests, passions & desire, and I want to get intimate with you. Connection, fun, cuddles, honesty & laughs with fucking. The real nerd girlfriend experience.

Geeky Friend Fun

Like conversation & smarts to go with sexy? I understand social anxiety & awkwardness. Don’t worry about it, you can just have fun with me. Relate-able fun with like minds.

Private & Discrete

Confidentiality is a two way street, and I’ll always respect your rights to privacy & digression. The details of you and our time together will stay confidential.

Legal & Safe

Sex Work is decriminalized (re: legally allowed) in parts of Australia. No sneaking around or worrying. My friends & I fight for Sex Worker & client rights, including yours!

Dinner, Dates & Hangouts

Feel like something a little less pressure? Want to go out for dinner & a drink, or maybe hangout for a film, snacks & snuggles? I’m down.

Fetish & Special Attire

Boots, heels, stockings, garters, leather, lace, satin, panties, costumes & more.

Friends & Doubles

I have lots of sexy, fun friends who we can share our time with! Girls, guys, kinksters, queers, geeks & babes.

Total Agency

Rest assured I’m a consenting free agent. No pimps, no masters, no pressure. What you pay me goes to me & no one else!

Kink 101 Fun

Curious about kink? Like the idea of femdom, but not into dark dungeons & nasty dommes who don’t give a fuck? Let’s learn, play & laugh together. Femdom & kink with me is fun.