If you are looking for quick-witted conversation over a drink and laugh, a fun and frivolous romp, or a discrete, personal roleplay then look no further. I provide a discrete, upbeat, passionate, and playful  girlfriend experience. I enjoy intellectual debates and like minds who prefer laughs, and the realities of sex over pomp, pretentiousness and faux pleasure porno culture. Sex is fun, even during bdsm, and more strict and serious theme roleplay. I don’t offer sexual oil changes. I offer fun sexual play and intimacy exchanges!

I am an all natural, curvy & kinky woman, born and raised in Australia. Physically, I was gifted with natural curves- big hips, bottom and bust (32FF). For the foot and leg lovers among you I have very delicate ankles, and cute curled toes which are very ticklish! A geek at heart, I love roleplaying, costumes, kink & queer fun in many forms.

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Our time together

Please be advised all services are dependent on location, connection and hygiene. Due to legal reasons in Australia, I cannot advertise my provided services in Victoria, amongst other things. Ridiculous, I know! Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. For said legal reasons, any information on this page is not intended for every state and territory.

Let me know during booking, before we start, how you would like to enjoy your time with me, to make sure we have time and I’m available to do the things you would like. If there is something you are interested in (especially if it’s regarding roleplay, costumes, clothing or BDSM), please let me know and we can discuss. Some things require more preparation than others, and may not be offered all days or without notice. If you think of something you’d like to do after I’ve arrived that we haven’t discussed- that’s ok! Bring it up with me and we can talk about it.

I love to spend time doing things outside the bedroom as well. I love a chance to kick your butt over a card or boardgame. I enjoy cinema and tv series while snuggling.

Before I arrive, please be sure that you are ready for me, being freshly and properly groomed and showered. I’d hate to waste your time once I’ve arrived by sending you back to the shower. If you don’t shave thats fine. I love body hair, however no one likes stubble rash in intimate places. Please have any monies waiting for me on arrival so we don’t have to talk shop and can get to the fun stuff! 🙂


Common Queries

My Rates
Do you have any fun ideas for our session?
I'm curious about X, can we try?
What lingerie / fetish wear /costumes / cosplay do you have?
Can I take your stockings, panties, or shoes home with me?
Do you allow filming? I'd love to have a video / some photos of our time together.


For bookings, please email msaerynwalker(at)gmail.com with your prefered location, date, time and bookings details.