Please be advised all services are dependent on location, connection and hygiene.

Any & All information on this site is not intended for every state and territory.

Due to legal reasons in Australia, I cannot advertise or discuss my provided services in Victoria, among other things. Ridiculous, I know! It is illegal for sex workers in Victoria to provide an incall. It is also illegal for Australian sex workers to provide “natural” services (services without condoms). As such, I do not provide services where you come to you visit me, or any unsafe, uncovered sex practices, under any circumstances. It’s important to be aware of legal restrictions in your region/state/country.

If I say that I cannot do something for legal or safety reasons, I mean it.

Do not push or disrespect my boundaries. If you make my booking assistant or I feel uncomfortable, I will refuse to see you.

I want to see you for fun, legal, consensual sexy times we can all enjoy in safe way.