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Real Fun Sex - Women Produced - Female Pleasure

My porn is authentic amateur sex that is real! No fake moans, groans or orgasms. My porn features women's pleasure orientated sex (often my own pleasure!) It's women produced porn - filmed, edited & starred in by me! Just real, raw, natural, erotic fun on film. You can enjoy my porn ethically, knowing it was made consensually & ethically with my favorite feminist, kinkster, queer, & hairy natural friends & fuck buddies who enjoy fucking and filming themselves! We want to be fucking on film, and so we do!

Aeryn Walker's huge orgasm during nude sex with big dick man, buttplug and vibrator on clit


Welcome to Aeryn Walker (aka The Naughty Nerdy)’s feminist, geek porn & smut playground! I’m a solo indie smut maker, performer, fetishist & freak from Australia.

Naughty Nerdy features a collection of smut featuring Aeryn Walker as both a performer & director, of all things geeky, kinky, freaky and fun. I bring my fantasies to life, roleplaying & celebrating sexual expression, of both my awesome nerdy friends and myself.

Real geeks. Real sex. Real orgasms.

Naughty Nerdy & Aeryn’s porn celebrates sex, sexual expression, women’s pleasure, fantasy, fetishism, & fun from a real geek’s perspective. It’s for anyone who wants to know their porn is ethically made, kinky & authentic, and who enjoys hot geeks & freaks enjoying sex & life.

Uncensored & Explicit: Get intimate with Aeryn Walker

100% Fresh, Uncensored & Explicit. From my fetishes and fantasies to my intimate erotic moments; Watch me explore, engage, party, make love & fuck! Uncensored, explicit & raw, enjoy the action and lots of upclose shots. Sexy geek girl nude selfies. Beautiful natural breasts, pretty pussy closeups. (From bald to hairy pussy bush!), clenching barefoot toes, licking tongues on wet pussies, and cheeky expressions!

hairy Aeryn Walker publicly masturbates outdoors in game of thrones, warcraft style larp sex roleplay fantasy

Aeryn's Friends & Favorite Babes
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Real Geek Girl Roleplay, Cosplay & Sex

Roleplay is one my favorite hobbies, in and out of the bedroom! RP, striptease, seduction and sex, in cosplay & character. Leather, Fantasy & LARP sex, Stockings & Heels. Costumes from anime, games, comics & series. Sexy Maids , Fetish, Femdom & Humiliation , Japanese school uniforms, seifuku, stern clergy & More.

Aussie geek girl Aeryn Walker softly dominates bratty star trek fangirl Annabelle Leigh, stripping her naked, tying her up and making the red headed, hairy nerd beg to cum

Aeryn's Favorite Sex Scenes
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Aeryn's Favorite Porn - Geeky Smut Stash
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Fair trade, ethical & respectful hardcore porn

Guilt free, ethically made smut you can enjoy. Naughty Nerdy sets are confidential, open, safe spaces, with genuine choice over safer sex practices, and respectful and inclusive advertising. Aeryn's collaborations respect the diverse bodies, brains, sexuality & identities of the performers, with fair pay for work & play including trade. Here we like to have fun, and engage with women's experience & perspective in production. Totally consensual & non exploitative, I respect the personal agency & autonomy of my friends & co-workers in our sexual explorations. Fucking here is fun, safe, authentic & ethical.


What sorta things make porn ethical or feminist?

  • Consent. All the time. Always.
  • Respect of personal agency & autonomy
  • Diverse bodies, brains, sexuality & identities
  • Genuine choice over safer sex practices
  • Women & minority experience & priority
  • Advocating for decriminalization & workers rights
  • Collaboration with performers
  • Fair pay for work & play, incl. trade
  • Respectful & inclusive advertising
  • Safe spaces for sexual exploration
  • Transparency over advertising, reselling & 3rd parties
  • Peer education & skill Sharing

My site & porn are owned, produced & performed in by me. Most of the time I film with a remote control but sometimes I enlist my awesome female porn director friends to help me out and create beautiful, erotic, artistic smut. My porn focuses on women's pleasure. Female pleasure. MY pleasure! My exploration, sensuality & sexuality. While I don't part-take of the "happy hooker' mythos (everyone has good and bad days at work- no job or life is perfect!) I do love my work. I'm never pressured to film or do things I don't want to. I have control of my body, my image and how I'm spoken about in advertising, to what custom gigs I take & custom scenario requests I film.
Consent, conscious kink, real & diverse sexuality, bodies & interests are the focus in my work. Fair pay for fair work & play. Artistic collaborations, trade and real grass roots feminist fucking on film.

Kinky Collaborations, Requests & Fun with Friends

I shoot many members suggestions when it comes to costumes and scenes. I do a lot of collaborating with other performers and artists on erotic films, kinky series, & smut updates. Nerdy, natural & hairy outdoor public porn, lingerie requests like stockings, kinky nerd dirty talk, jerk off & masturbation instruction, and femdom strapon roleplay.

Queer fetish sex as catgirl Zahra Stardust sucks Aeryn Walker's femme cock

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