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Babes / Kiki Sucre

Kiki Sucre Vital Stats:
Website:  www.sweet-kiki.com

Kiki Sucre Updates

Glamour Girls
Aeryn Walker, All

Kiki Sutcre visited me this week and well, let's just say that we had a hell of a lot of fun together! Watch for a great combination of dress ups, set ups, mess ups and sex ups from a pair of glamorous gals that are here to put a big smile on your face with their naughty antics.

Tags: Bare Foot, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Feet, G-string / Thong

Sweet Feet
Aeryn Walker, All

Sweet Kiki gets me to massage, lick & suck on her beautiful feet and toes before licking her pussy till she cums!

Tags: Bare Foot, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Cunnilingus, Feet

Brat Maid Punished
Aeryn Walker, All

My newest maid Kiki is a terrible brat. She never listens to even the most basic instruction, shows little respect, and is always on her phone. I could let those things go if she did her job, but her incompetence made me late for a board meeting at work. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Tying her up,...

Tags: Bondage, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Cosplay, Costume

After Club Fuck
Aeryn Walker, All

Kiki Sucre has the perfect body for me, and I'll take any chance I can get to enjoy her, and help her enjoy herself during her trip! Kiki & I feel like fucking after a long night of dancing and drinking, and recruit a friend to film us stripping, sucking and flirting with each other before fucking ourselves...

Tags: Bare Foot, G-string / Thong, High Heels, Lesbian

Porn, sextoy & slutty selfies!
Aeryn Walker, All

Pretty pussy closeups, costumes, cuddles, gaming, sex toys and sexy life selfies. I take enough pervy & random geeky shots of myself, why not share them? I love my photos with KikiSucre, shes so fucking cute!!

Tags: Aeryn Solo, Cosplay, DIY, Selfies

Pussy Eating Favors
Aeryn Walker, All

Making Kiki cum is the best way of making up! After convincing her to wear my stilettos to the club for partying, the next morning her feet hurt. She asks me to massage her sweet, soft soles and I do, before kissing and tickling them. I then proceed to tickle and kiss up her leg, and to under her panties....

Tags: Bare Foot, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Cunnilingus, Feet