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Babes / Mistress Alex Vicia

Mistress Alex Vicia Vital Stats:
Website:  mistressalex.com.au

Mistress Alex may not jump in front of the camera with me but she does a fantastic job of tying, teasing, torturing and spoiling me with her rope skills!
Mistress Alex Vicia Updates

Aeryn Walker 1st time bondage
Aeryn Walker, Mistress Alex Vicia

Aeryn Walker's first time in rope bondage on film. Tied by Melbourne's talented Shibari rope artist Mistress Alex Vicia. This clip is from Aeryn's personal archive and is behind the scenes for a rope photoshoot.

Tags: Aeryn Solo, Bondage, Hairy, High Heels

Aeryn's First Bondage Shoot Behind the Scenes
Aeryn Walker, Mistress Alex Vicia

My first day of bondage shooting was super fun. Watch behind the scenes as I plan my shoots & get in the mood for some kinky fun.

Tags: Bondage, VLOG

School Girl Bondage
Aeryn Walker, All

Skirt and top hiked up, beautifully bound in bondage with a Hitachi vibrator strapped to my clit. I struggle and squirm in an attempt to free myself from the inescapable bonds of Mistress Alex Vicia. Will I ever break free from her tight bonds?

Tags: Aeryn Solo, Bondage, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Cosplay

BTS: Bondage Escape Video
Aeryn Walker, All

Behind the Scenes video for this weeks update! :)

Tags: Aeryn Solo, Bondage

Bondage Escape
Aeryn Walker, All

Inflexible arms tied behind my back and vibrator strapped to my clit, I try and escape from my bonds!

Tags: Aeryn Solo, Bondage, Toys: Vibrator

Housewife Bondage Vibe Fantasy
Aeryn Walker, All

Every housewife has fantasies, and every control freak needs a break! Wearing my favorite lingerie, silken dressing robe and stockings with my hair freshly curled, I am trapped. Tied tightly by Mistress Alex Vicia, I struggle against my bonds. Rope is tight against my wrist and ankles binding me to my...

Tags: Aeryn Solo, Bondage, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Fetish

Rebel School Tart Tied
Aeryn Walker, All

My detention overlord has no time for slutty brats. When I refuse to sit still and think about my behavior, I'm made too. Bound to my desk, irritated and squirming, I flirt and attempt to seduce her by pulling down my panties. Ms Alex Vicia won't have a bar of my tartiness and ties down my hands too...

Tags: Bondage, Clothed / Semi-Clothed, Costume, High Heels